Mark and Ashley Ackeret - Ecuador
    Dan & Rachael Brown - Madagascar
    Dario & Talitha Chiesa & Family - Katy, Texas, USA
    Don & Christine Dillman - Edinburgh, Scotland
    Chris & Yolanda Eckels - Australia

  • Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission
    Family Ministering in Special Mission's Projects
    Jonathan and Tina Gorman
    Stan and Brenda Kamp, Netherlands
    Vitally and Alexandra Keller - Russia
    Steve King - Cote d'Ivoire West Africa
    Lawrence & Rebecca Lantz - Uganda
  •                                   Baptist International Missions, Inc.
    Jeremy & Laura Markle- Puerto Rico
  • Baptist World Mission
    Josh & Annie Moore - Ireland
    Garth & Lynette Piper - New Zealand
  • Baptist World Mission
    BJ & Cathy Schultz - Tanzania

  • Baptist International Missions, Inc.
    Jon & Hannah Speights - Brazil
  •                               Baptist World Mission
    Chris & Darcy Vergiels- Brazil
  • Baptist Mid-Missions
    Joel & Sarah Wagner - Field Translation Consultant
    Rob & Beth Worthington - Church Planters
  • Baptist Church Planters
    Western Asia
  • Those ministering in this region must remain anonymous for their own safety concerns.  Please pray faithfully as they seek to reach Muslim peoples with the message of God's love.