Our History

In the early summer of 1994, Pastor Paul Auckland of Faith Baptist church in Sellersville, Pennsylvania asked Bob Robinson the following:  "Bob if you can gather members of Faith from the Buckingham area to start a church, I have the preacher for such a group!  His name is Dan Steward."   Of the eight original families who started our church in Buckingham, we still  have Pastor Dan and Terri and their children, Bob Robinson, Alby and Joan Cornell and John and Nancy Rost.  They remain faithful in coming to our church services.  The very first services began in their homes, but the church did not have a name until 9 year old Rachel Behrig suggested "Lighthouse Baptist Church" taken from Bible verse Matthew 5:14.

Months later, the church family found a meeting place in Buckingham located on York Road.  It was a shared facility with "Time for Tots Day Care."  The first service there began on December 4, 1974.  However, before services began everybody did their part setting up chairs, carrying in the organ and handing out hymn books.  At the end of every Sunday evening everything had to be taken away for the day care facility to resume.   The end of 1995 presented a challenge for the church as Time for Tots raised the monthly rent from $150.00 a month to $750.00 a month.  A new site was needed.

Bob and Ann Robinson wrote a letter to the chairman of Tyro Hall Grange asking to rent their building.  Organized in 1912, the Buckingham Grange had since merged with Plumsteadville Grange.  Granges were established for the economic, educational, and political betterment of farmers.   In the mid 1990's, the Grange was disbanding and the building was partially rented to an auctioneer.  After agreements were made, Lighthouse Baptist moved in April 1996 to the Grange building.   We had a somewhat permanent home at a cost of $750.00 per month.  One Sunday a month, services had to be held at an elementary school due to the auctioneer using the building for public auctions.  Thankfully the Grange committee removed the auctioneer and the building and the church was able to use it exclusively.  

Now 2013 has arrived and the Grange building still stands on the corner of Routes 413 and 202 in Buckingham, Pennsylvania as the home of Lighthouse Baptist Church.